Bassi Falls

Spectacular 109′ tall Bassi Falls is located in the Crystal Basin area of the El Dorado National Forest, west of Lake Tahoe. These gorgeous falls at peak springtime flow crash over enormous boulders and the water sheets over huge, flat slabs of granite. It is located off a rural, pot-holed dirt road (high clearance vehicles recommended). Photographic possibilities abound in this location, not just of the falls themselves, but also among the pines, foliage and granite boulders at the base of the falls.

Afternoon is a preferable time to photograph here, since the light will be hitting the falls, and if you’re lucky, you’ll witness rainbows as well. Definitely bring a tripod, and water resistant footwear and clothing, we well as a polarized filter for your lens to capture rainbows in the falls if they occur.

On Highway 50, east of Pollock Pines, head north on Ice House Road for approximately 15 miles, until you cross Big Silver Creek, east of Union Valley Reservoir. Turn right onto the first dirt road, heading left at the first fork. After approximately 1.5 miles, the dirt road terminates to a dead end parking area where the trail is clearly marked, and you will hear the powerful falls from the trailhead approximately 1/2 mile away!

There is also a steep climb to the top of the falls, to (carefully) witness Bassi Creek hurtling over the edge!



My name is Beth Young, and I'm a licensed architect specializing in healthcare facilities, with a strong passion for capturing the beauty of the natural world through photography. Please feel free to browse or comment. If you wish, prints are available using long lasting and high quality photographic paper or museum quality canvas using archival inks at my website:

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  1. Jack Curson
    June 23

    You have a great eye Beth!

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